Becoming a Freemason

Lodge Concord works according to the rules set down by the Grand Lodge of the Netherlands. This is an independent organisation, but because Freemasonry stresses international fraternity, they work closely with other Grand Lodges under a system known as masonic recognition. Thus, by joining Lodge Concord, you would be free to visit the vast majority of Freemason’s Lodges, including those working under the United Grand Lodge of England, the Grand Lodges of Scotland and Ireland, and most of the Grand Lodges in the United States.

Freemasonry is open to men over the age of 21 who believe in a higher power. Freemasons work by meeting together in real life, therefore you cannot join over the internet. Please check our calendar for meeting dates, and our contact page for our location. We meet 8 times a year in Rotterdam, and each meeting takes most of the afternoon and evening. Our current annual membership cost is €300.00.

If you’d like to discuss exactly what is involved, how long it will take, what the financial and time commitments are, or any other aspect of Freemasonry, please contact our secretary.

Prior to accepting an application, we would need to meet you in person. As Freemasonry is a voluntary organisation, it may take some time before we can arrange this. You will soon realise that the first lesson a Freemason learns is patience!

“What is Freemasonry” by the Grand Lodge of Maryland

“What it means to be a Freemason” by the United Grand Lodge of England