ANBI Information

‚ÄčThis page contains information that we are required to provide to comply with ANBI regulations in the Netherlands. ANBI status helps secure our Lodge as a non-profit organisation.
Statutory Name: Lodge Concord No. 134
KVK Number: 67875912
RSIN Number: 002872079
Visiting Address: Podium aan de Maas, Oostmaaslaan 950, 3063 DM Rotterdam
Mailing Address: Schaarbeekhof 13, 5628 TH Eindhoven
Board Members: Chairman: J. A. do Carmo; Treasurer: A. Gianolio; Secretary: R. Hall
Objective: Lodge Concord is a Regular Lodge of Freemasons enrolled under No. 134 on the Register of the Order of Freemasons under the Grand East of the Netherlands. The Lodge pursues the Regular practice of Ancient Freemasonry as defined in Articles 2 and 3 of the Book of Constitutions of the Order (de Grondwet). The further aim of the Lodge is to be a Centre of Union for English-speaking Freemasons in the Netherlands.
Outline Policy Plan: Freemasonry is a centuries-old, world-wide secular brotherhood with a method for teaching people to understand themselves, to relate to others and celebrate the differences. For those seeking it, Freemasonry offers a fraternal environment which teaches a method of meaning that, with the help of rituals and symbols, leads to self-development, brotherhood and – as a result – a better society.
Remuneration Policy (Beloningsbeleid): There are no paid employees within this association, all members work towards our objectives without remuneration.

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